Kid's Ice Cream

Ice Cream Sundae


We now have Gelato!  If you are a foodservice operation looking for  an upscale ice cream to compliment your dessert menu, look no more.  Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream offers many flavors that are a dessert in themselves, or can be used to create your own signature desserts to set you apart from your competition.  How about a few ideas to get your taste buds working?


Dark Chocolate Chunk: Dark chocolate gelato with even darker chocolate candy.
Pistachio:  Pistachio gelato chocked full of large pistachio nuts.
Coconut Almond Fudge:  Toasted coconut, almonds, and chocolate flakes in coconut gelato.
Strawberry Shortcake:  Real strawberry puree blended into gelato, with strawberry topping and shortcake make this a real summertime treat.

Ice Cream Suggestions:

Raspberry Chip Cheesecake:  Cheesecake ice cream with raspberry sauce and chipped chocolate.
Carrot Cake:  Cinnamon-spice ice cream, laced with cream cheese frosting and carrot cake.
Spumoni:  Amaretto Cherry, Pistachio Almond, Dark Chocolate, and Golden Rum ice cream, plus a whipped cream swirl.
Amaretto Cherry: Amaretto ice cream with rich chocolate crackle and sweet, maraschino cherries.
Ultimate Peanut Butter Brownie: Peanut butter ice cream with fudgy brownies and caramel swirl.
Black Rasberry Chip Yogurt: Fruity, blackraspbery yogurt with black raspberry topping and chips fo dark chocolate.
Country Apple Pie: No sugar added (NSA) pie chips and apple pie ribbon in NSAapple ice cream.

And of course we have our award-winning Signature Vanilla (all natural), Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, and French Vanilla flavors to create delicious a la mode desserts. These are just a few of the many flavors you can use to create your own dessert menu, or our creative team can develop a dessert menu for you. 

Our popular “Flavor-of-the-Month” program helps build sales by offering variety to your clientele.  In addition, custom ice cream flavors can be produced, with a 500 tub minimum commitment.  Let us help you design a flavor that’s unique to your restaurant theme!